I recently read ‘History of Modern Britain’ by Andrew Marr. Marr is a prominent political journalist and that’s evident in his writing — the book is more of a fly-on-the-wall account of the lives of Britain’s postwar leaders than a catalogue of events. …

TL;DR: Relationship reviews are great. They give you and your partner the space to:

  • Talk about hard things;
  • Make small asks of each other (and make small improvements); and
  • Discuss your dreams and ambitions.

My partner and I have been doing relationship reviews every three months for the past year…

Notes on a thoughtful way to reflect

I’m a fairly reflective person. I don’t naturally immerse myself in my memories or past experiences without any cues but I do often consciously reflect on them — sometimes to work out whether I would do anything differently now, sometimes to consider how my life has changed since then and…

Base Rates

Longtermist, reader of books, giver of unprompted advice

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