Extinction Rebellion — commendations and implications

Extinction Rebellion marching somewhere, passionately


The core question here is whether climate change really constitutes an existential risk; could climate change actually wipe out humanity (or at least it’s potential)? Researcher John Halstead did the unenviable work on this question. The analysis of potential emissions pathways and how they affect the probability and extremity of warming (including the rather terrifying prospect of more than 9 degrees of warming) lead Halstead to conclude the following:

  1. They are being ignored.
  2. They could materialise very, very quickly.
  1. UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance, “Biennial Assessment and Overview of Climate Finance Flows,” 2016, 6, http://unfccc.int/cooperation_and_support/financial_mechanism/standing_committee/items/10028.php.



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