Music I loved in 2021

Good songs

“The billboard said, “The end is near”
I turned around, there was nothing there”

Told you you could call me
Anytime you want
It’s not as if I got anything going on

I’m just hanging in the shadows
Between the motion and the thought
Where there’s no telling what is real and what is not

Always nervous in my habits
Always glancing at my watch
Yet somehow I didn’t notice the time had stopped

Hold on, day, don’t drown away
The sound I love, the life I’ve made
The branch I bend, but do not break
It’s all in a day’s work

Always fearing
Our hands clawing
Up against the light
It’s nearing
Where does all the time go?

Shouldn’t it come to you naturally?
And everyone knows
You’re losing your gift, and it’s plain to see
But then something must have changed in me
I don’t fear it anymore
Now I’m sure
I’m sure

Look at the sky, I’m still here
I’ll be alive next year
I can make something good, oh
Something good

Switch to another lens
The last sunlight
I don’t need any other friends
The best kiss I ever had is the flickering
Of the water so clear and bright
To leap in, my skin and I could feel the reaction

Avoidable suffering and pain
We are patiently inching our way
Toward unreachable utopias

Enslaved by the forces of nature
Elevated by mindless replicators
Challenged to steer our collective destiny

Home is where you’ve called my name
I’ve gone as far as the eye can blame
You said love may have lost its way

Good songs (Singles)

Cool sounds

Cool sounds (singles)



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